Capital Improvements Advisory Committee


The Advisory Committee consists of five members who are appointed by the Board of Directors. Members serve two-year terms, with two members being appointed in even-numbered years and three members being appointed in odd-numbered years. The appointments are not compensated.

Serve on the Committee

Any citizen who is registered to vote in the City of Benbrook and who has resided in the City for at least one year is eligible to serve on the Advisory Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Committee please contact the Authority at 817-249-1250 or download an application (PDF).


The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee (CIP) was established by the Board of Directors in November 1987. The functions of the Committee are to:

  • Advise and assist Benbrook Water Authority (BWA) in adopting land use assumptions
  • Advise the Board of the need to update or revise the land assumptions, capital improvement plan and impact fees
  • File semi-annual reports regarding the progress of the capital improvement plan and report to the Board any perceived inequities in implementing the plan or imposing the impact fee
  • Monitor and evaluate implementation of the capital improvements plan
  • Review the capital improvements plan and file written comments


View detailed information about the BWA Capital Improvement Plan on our Reports, Plans, and Studies page.