Conservation Information


Your bill is your business, though have you considered the community impacts of your water use, especially when hot, dry weather or drought conditions increase demand? We have some tips for preserving our community’s water resources and conserving your monthly budget.


Sign Up for Weekly Watering Advice

There’s a better way than just setting your sprinkler controller and forgetting it. You can save time and water. Weekly Watering Advice is just the solution you need because your local water experts will deliver the information right to you. Click here to learn more. 


Monitor Your Water Use with WaterSmart

Proactively manage your water use with WaterSmart. WaterSmart allows you to monitor your daily water use, set up leak alerts, and view your water use history. All these tools can help you use only the water you need and limit any water waste. Sign up for this free service at

Evaluate Your Sprinkler System

Benbrook Water Authority, in cooperation with the Tarrant Regional Water District, is proud to offer a free sprinkler system evaluation program for our residential customers. The free evaluation will provide homeowners with basic knowledge of how their sprinkler system works, feedback on the current condition of equipment and recommendations for improvement. For more information visit the Save Tarrant Water website.

Improve Your Water-Saving Habits

In addition to signing up for Weekly Watering Advice , there are many ways you can improve your outdoor space and save water. Watering in the morning before 10 a.m. limits water loss due to evaporation, and cycle and soak gives the yard more time to absorb the water. These best practices and more are the advice you will find on the Save Tarrant Water website.


If you want to go pro with outdoor water savings, replace thirsty turf with native and adapted plant species. They can take the heat and are easier to maintain.

Want to save water indoors too? Find and fix leaking faucets or toilets by signing up for WaterSmart monitoring and setting your leak alerts. If you learn you have a leak, you can test your toilet by putting 10 drops of food dye in the tank and waiting 15 minutes. If you see any color in the bowl, it is time to replace the flapper. 

You can do more to conserve water and save money on your monthly bills. Load your dishwasher or laundry machine every time to ensure you maximize your water use. Check out more indoor water-saving tips at the Save Tarrant Water website.