Rates & Fees

Water & Wastewater (Sewer) Rates

Current water and wastewater rates, effective on June 1, 2022, were established with the adoption of Resolution 2022-02. For more information regarding current rates, click here.

Rates are reflected in dollar amount per cubic foot (1 cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons).

View the Current Rate Chart (PDF).

New Wastewater Rates and Billing In Effect Soon

With the recent adoption by the BWA Board of Directors of Resolution 2022-02, beginning June 1, 2022, monthly wastewater bills will be based on revised rates and residential wastewater bills will be based on a winter quarter average billing methodology.  For more information about winter quarter average billing, follow this link.

Calculate Your Bill

Customers can use the formula in the fourth column of the rate chart to calculate their bill. "Q" equals the amount of usage, which can be found in the Current Account Activity section of the monthly water bill.

Schedule of Fees

The BWA Board of Directors, in conjunction with the adoption of updated Policies and Procedures which became effective October 1, 2019, adopted Resolution 2019-11, establishing a Schedule of Fees associated with the provision of service to its customers.  Click here for the current Schedule of Fees.

City of Benbrook Fees

In accordance with an interlocal agreement between the City of Benbrook and BWA, certain fees are included with each monthly bill on behalf of the City of Benbrook:  

Storm Water Utility System Fee

The City of Benbrook established a Storm Water Utility System to fund various storm water projects. The fees associated with the Storm Water Utility System are included on your monthly water bill. For more information about the Storm Water Utility System, visit the Benbrook, Texas Storm Water Utility Fees page.

Refuse & Recycling Fee

The City of Benbrook contracts with Republic/Allied Waste Services for residential garbage and recycling services. The fees for these services appear on your monthly water bills. For more information about trash and recycling on the Benbrook, Texas Trash, Recycling, and Environmental Programs page. Benbrook residents can contact Republic Services by phone at 817-953-7214 or email Republic Services.